Best overall photochromatic lens*

Our perfect lenses for everyday life.

*Based on our measurements performed by an external laboratory in the USA between 2015 and 2019 of photochromic performance attributes. The attributes were also weighted by their relative importance to consumers based on 1,037 responses to a research survey conducted by SSI (Survey Sampling International) of US photochromic and clear lens wearers in January 2019.

Transitions XTRActive new generation Update

Xtra Darkness with Xtra Light Filtration

For wearers who are very light sensitive or frequently exposed to bright light.

Transitions XTRActive Polarized Update

Clear indoors and polarise as they darken outdoors.

For wearers who are frequently exposed to bright light and reflective glare.


Xperio® polarised sun lenses eliminate blinding reflected glare, to offer you greater visual comfort, excellent clarity of vision, better reaction time and improved performance in whatever you do.


Our extensive tint range will ensure all your fashion needs are meet ranging from a full tint, gradient tint and an array of the latest fashion tints now available.



NeoSun helps wearers get the most out of their prescription sunglasses. Lenses are designed to fit a variety of frames, including sports, fashion and rimless. With a selection of tinted, polarised and mirror finishes, NeoSun offers endless choice.


A mirror coating can be applied on the front of the lens for the latest fashion statement or to further customise the tinted lenses, we have an extensive range of colours for you to select from.