Terms and conditions of sale.
OSA sales are available only via a current OSA Direct Debit or Credit Card account. You will be direct billed for the order on the day of dispatch by OSA. 
A tax invoice will be emailed to your nominated address upon dispatch.

All orders phoned or faxed through will incur a $5.50 (incl gst) processing fee per order.

The power ranges indicated above are for OSA lenses ordered via the OSA web site. Ranges are subject to change without notice. 

All lenses are guaranteed against any fault in material, power or surface coating for 12 months from the date of purchase. Faulty lenses will be credited upon return.

Crizal Forte UV lenses are covered under a 2 year un-conditional warranty from Essilor.

Progressive warranty covers Non-Adaption only for 3 months from date of dispatch, changes to height or Rx are not covered. Replacement pair to be ordered from Optical Supply of Australia. Upon return of original lenses with copies of paperwork for 1st and 2nd pair we will be credit the cheaper option.
The benefits under [Our Warranty] are in addition to other rights and remedies under a law in relation to the [goods/services]

Please note: Lenses returned which are no longer required or incorrectly ordered will receive a 50% credit. A refund will be issued against your Credit Card or Direct Credited to your bank account. 
Lenses supplied incorrectly will be exchanged at no charge and a full credit will be issued for the original purchase.

Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.